Jeuneora - renew+ marine collagen. Mixed berry or pineapple

What's new with Renew+ ?

April 01, 2018

Questions And Answers

If you've been following us on social media recently you'll have noticed we have been selling out rather a lot. You may have also heard or seen that our most popular product Renew+ has a new and improved formula...

So we thought we'd answer some of your questions about this!

Q. What is new about Renew+ ? 

A. We are now using an extremely high-end marine collagen from France and Norway that has been clinically studied to help support and improve the overall appearance of skin. It contains sustainable and traceable marine collagen and elastin peptides, and is formulated in the same ratio as found naturally in skin.

We have also added extra bromelain (pineapple extract) - a digestive enzyme that helps break down collagen for optimal absorption into the body.

We have slightly reduced the amount of stevia leaf extract (natural sweetener) in alignment with feedback from our customers.

Q. Why does this batch taste slightly different?

A. The improved formula contains the new marine collagen plus elastin, as well as extra bromelain, and different ratios of stevia leaf extract and pineapple powder. This is probably the difference you are tasting. Our products are highly bio available and these ingredients have been sourced specifically for their ability to be easily absorbed into the body. See this link for information on the different sources of collagen and why we choose to use marine collagen HERE

We always welcome your feedback, so let us know what you think! We do constantly research ways to make our products the best, and most palatable, for the widest range of  customers, and your feedback is how we can do this!

Q. Why are Renew+ and the Capsules often on preorder?

A. Our products have been flying out the door in the last 5 months! It seems to be that Renew+ and the Hair, Skin Nails Capsules especially have become a staple in many people's supplement regimen. One of the reasons it can take a while to restock is that we manufacture our products in New Zealand instead of importing a ready-made product in bulk.

Every product we make is produced in a certified GMP factory in New Zealand. All products made in our factory go through rigorous testing each step of the way and this process can take time. This is why we have started to offer preordering as an option for those that want to secure their next month's supply.

Q. Will you be making any new products next year?

A. Yes! We are currently in the process of manufacturing a reformulation of our popular Glow powder. New look, new name and new flavour ranges! Watch this space!

Q. How can I preorder?

A. You just make an order as you normally would, and once your order is dispatched (check product on our site for details of approximate dispatch) you will receive confirmation and a tracking number!

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