Naked Collagen - Unflavoured & Odourless


Jeuneora™ Naked Collagen contains 100% hydrolysed French marine collagen peptide. Scientifically studied for anti-aging which when taken daily may improve skin elasticity and reduced wrinkle appearance along with improved radiance.  Our marine collagen is bioavailable and sustainable. 

No added flavour or sweetener means you can use this in savoury foods and drinks such as soups or baking. Our Marine collagen is extremely heat stable, so you can also add it to hot beverages, or to frozen foods such as homemade ice blocks.

Each 90g tub of Naked Collagen contains 3000mg of active French hydrolysed marine collagen peptide per serve.

One serve, once a day. Glowing skin, healthy hair and nails.

Contains 90g per container. Approximately 30 serves

Look good naked!


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