Welcome to Jeuneora

Jeuneora is proudly New Zealand owned and operated, specialising in the production of health and beauty supplements. All our products are tested personally by us, and blended and manufactured in a GMP factory in New Zealand. 
    • Jeuneora Renew+ , Hair, Skin, Nails Capsules, and and AquaGlow Marine Collagen supplements are made from 100% Pure Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen (Renew+ also contains Elastin). AquaGlow and Renew+ are powder form for a daily drink. 
    • Our Activated Zeolite in Renew+  is certified organic from Australia. 
    • Our products are formulated to help support healthy hair, strong nails, reduction of fine lines and wrinkle. Excellent for gut health

At Jeuneora we use only the highest quality clinically studied type 1 marine collagen in our Renew+, Hair, Skin, Nails capsules, and AquaGlow. 

For skin and beauty applications Type I Collagen is considered to be the best. Dermatology research with oral supplementation of collagen has shown that when Type I (overall body) collagen is increased, there are visible results in the appearance of skin. 

  • Marine collagen peptides are considered to be superior at increasing overall body collagen (Type 1) and improving skin, hair, nail, and bone quality.