Why Jeuneora?

Our sustainably sourced and scientifically studied Pure Marine Collagen with Elastin complex in our Renew+ powder is taken as a daily drink to promote anti-ageing of the skin, healthy thick hair, strong nails. No additives, binders or fillers. One of the advantages of marine collagen is that it has a particularly high content of the amino acids glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. These amino acids stimulate cells in the skin, bones and connective tissues that lead to the production of new collagen.

Volcanic Detox (Zeolite)  in our Renew+ is sourced from volcanic regions for optimum purity. Zeolite is negatively charged, attracting toxins like a magnetic cage, trapping and removing them safely and effectively without breaking down in the bloodstream.

Jeuneora uses only type 1, sustainably sourced marine collagen for all our Skin, Hair and Nail supplements. Marine collagen has been shown to be the most readily absorbed collagen, with type 1 being the best for skin rejuvenation.

The inclusion of Vitamin C  and citric acid in Jeuneora Renew+ , Hair, Skin, Nails, and AquaGlow helps ensure the highest absorption into the body. These key ingredients work together with marine collagen to help you see results and feel benefits faster.

Renew+ Collagen Drink contains 6000mg of hydrolyzed type I marine collagen per serving, this is one of the highest concentration of collagen per serving currently available. 

The high dose of collagen triggers our body's wound repair response - a process that identifies and repairs damaged collagen in the dermis by stimulating the growth of new collagen. 

Renew+, Glow and Volcanic Detox are in powder form allowing for high concentration amounts per single serve. Taking marine collagen in the form of liquid significantly increases the absorption rate.


What is Volcanic Detox?

Volcanic Detox contains Activated Zeolite - a natural mineral sourced from volcanic regions for optimum purity. Zeolites are negatively charged, attracting toxins like a magnet, removing them safely and effectively without breaking down in the bloodstream.

Zeolite removes heavy metals, toxins and pollutants from the body safely and effectively.

Zeolites are renowned to assist with human health via their ability to absorb heavy metals, support immune function, supplement silicon production (via otho-silicic acid), anti-oxidant support and enhance protein adsorption in the gastric system.