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Welcome to the Jeuneora Collective

Join our exclusive loyalty programme and start earning points to unlock rewards today!

Member-Only Benefits

Jeuneora Collective Members have access to exclusive benefits that may include gifts with purchase, exclusive content, vouchers, bonus points or other promotions. Keep an eye out for our e-newsletter to keep up to date!


Our Gold and Diamond members receive four J-Drops per year. The J-Drops could contain anything from Jeuneora samples, to exclusive merch or even gifts from other brands we love.

Diamond Welcome Gift

To celebrate reaching the dizzying heights of our Diamond Tier, you’ll receive a gorgeous handcrafted  sterling silver necklace valued at over $150!

Insider Access

Diamond Members will be the first to know when we launch special deals or new and limited edition products, before their official launch. Keep an eye on your inbox so you don’t miss out!

What is the Jeuneora Collective?

The Jeuneora Collective is our way of rewarding, recognising, and saying thank you to YOU! By signing up to the Jeuneora Collective, you’ll earn points on every dollar you spend which will qualify you for awesome rewards

How do I sign up?

If you have an existing customer account with Jeuneora, you will automatically be granted access to the Jeuneora Collective. You can log in here. If you don’t have an existing account with Jeuneora, you can create an account and sign up to the Jeuneora Collective by clicking Join Now here

How do I earn points?

You can earn points by shopping on our website, engaging with us through social media, placing a product review, or by ordering new release products - all of which will get you closer to our awesome rewards.  

I have a Jeuneora Subscription. Can I still earn points?

Yes you can! You’ll earn points every time your subscription is processed.

Can I still use discount codes to purchase Jeuneora products?

Yes you can. Your points will be calculated on the total $ you spend at checkout after discount codes have been applied and shipping (if applicable) has been added on.

Is there a limit to the number of points I can earn?

There isn’t any limit to the number of points you can earn, however points do expire 12 months after you’ve earned them.

When do my points expire?

Jeuneora Collective points expire and are removed from your balance 12 months after the day you originally earned them. Your points may go up or down on a daily basis depending what points you have earned that day, or what points expire. You can check your points balance at any time by checking your personalised Jeuneora Collective dashboard here.

What happens if I make a purchase when I'm not signed in to my account?

Don't stress! You'll still earn Collective points as long as you purchase with the email address that you registered your Collective account with.

What are the Jeuneora Collective Tiers and how do I reach different Tiers?

There are three Tiers in the Jeuneora Collective. Blush is for our new members (0-1999 points), Gold is our second Tier (2000 - 4999 points) and Diamond is our top Tier (4500+ points). The value of your rewards will increase as you move through the Tiers.

You will move to the next Tier once you’ve reached the required number of points. You’ll then enjoy the benefits of that Tier for the next 12 months. You cannot drop down a Tier within those 12 months, but you can move up another Tier which you will enjoy for the next 12 months. Your Tier eligibility will be reviewed on the 12 month anniversary of you joining that Tier. If you have the required points, you will continue to enjoy that Tier for the next 12 months, if you don’t have enough, you’ll drop down a Tier.

What are the J-Drops? What will I receive?

We’ll announce a J-Drop four times a year. The J-Drops could contain anything from Jeuneora samples, to exclusive merch or even gifts from other brands we love! J-Drops are only available for Gold and Diamond Members. Diamond Members will receive the highest value J-Drops. You will need to make a purchase over $50 to redeem your drop. J-Drops will have limited stock and will be available for a defined period of time (we'll let you know in our e-neswletters) or until stocks run out.

What is the Diamond Welcome Gift?

When you reach Diamond Tier you’ll be eligible to receive a beautiful sterling silver necklace valued at over $150. Handcrafted in New Zealand, and unique to Jeuneora, you won’t want to miss out on this stunning gift! You will need to make a purchase over $50 to redeem your Diamond Welcome Gift at checkout. This is a one-off gift which you will have 6 months to redeem once you reach Diamond Tier. The Diamond Welcome Gift is subject to change.

What are the Member-only benefits?

We’ll surprise you! It could be a gift with purchase, exclusive content, vouchers, bonus points or other promotions. Benefits will have limited stock and will be available for a defined period of time or until stocks run out. Keep an eye out for our e-newsletter to keep up to date!

How do I redeem my Drops and other Member Rewards?

We’ll let you know when rewards are available to you. Our Drops will happen four times a year - keep an eye on our e-newsletters to stay in the loop. Member-only Benefits… we’ll surprise you! You’ll be able to redeem your Diamond Welcome Gift when you earn enough points to reach Diamond. You’ll need to make a purchase over $50 to redeem your rewards and they’ll be automatically added to your bag and sent with your order. If you're on subscription, you won't see them in your order - but don't worry! They're on their way to you.

Are my rewards refundable or exchangeable?

No, rewards are not are not able to be refunded or exchanged. For more information, please read our Terms and Conditions by clicking here.

Do my rewards expire?

Yes they do. Drops and Member-Benefits are available to be redeemed for the period we define in our e-newsletters, and on our website, or until stocks run out. Diamond Welcome Gifts are subject to a six month validity period.

Do purchases made prior to me joining the Jeuneora Collective count towards my point earnings?

Unfortunately, no, you won't be able to claim points on any historic purchases made more than a week before creating your account. If you don't have an active Jeuneora Collective account, and you make a purchase, you'll have one week to claim those points by creating and activating an account.

When we launched the Jeuneora Collective on 15th July 2020, we did recognise some existing Jeuneora Customer Account holders with bonus points for outstanding loyalty. This was only available to customers that had recently purchased from Jeuneora and points were allocated purely at the discretion of Jeuneora Limited.

How do I get my "Buy a new release product" 300 bonus points?

Make sure you're signed into your Jeuneora Collective account, then purchase the new release product and the 300 points will be automatically applied to your Jeuneora Collective points total. A product is considered "new release" for two months after the official launch date.

What happens to my points if I cancel my order?

It’s not possible to earn points on cancelled or refunded orders, so points will be removed from your account after your order has been cancelled. This may mean you move down a tier and lose eligibility to rewards and gifts.

Can I earn points with a gift card?

Points will be earnt on the purchase of gift cards, not on the redemption.

Can I earn points by buying Jeuneora at a retailer or spa/salon?

Points can only be earned in our online store, whilst being logged into your Jeuneora Collective account.

What do I do if I have questions about my points, status or account?

You can get in touch with our customer service team by emailing at us

Can anyone join the Jeuneora Collective?

Almost anyone can join the Jeuneora Collective. There are some exclusions, check out our Terms & Conditionss by clicking here.