The Jeuneora Story

Jeuneora was founded in 2016 in Christchurch by Monique Kaminski with long-time friend Meg Falconer joining soon after. They saw a need for products that could not only be a healthy support to a busy lifestyle, but be the go-to foundation for beauty too. As much about inner beauty as outer beauty.

With no marketing budget, the brand was launched on social media where they quickly gained a following as people enjoyed the benefits of Jeuneora.

Millie Elder-Holmes joined the team formally as a shareholder in 2018 and Amber Peebles in 2020 after both being brand ambassadors and supporters from the start. All products are manufactured in New Zealand. 

Commitment to Sustainability

Our backgrounds in research, design and business, have helped make Jeuneora the strong and naturally New Zealand brand it is today. We’re super passionate about what we do, our products and most of all, our customers.

Specialising in sustainably sourced and highly bioavailable Marine Collagen, all from no ordinary fish. Think, the ethically sourced, Nordic Fjords kind of fish. We only use the skin, skin that would otherwise be wasted. Our Whey Protein uses free range New Zealand Collagen from cows, also saved from becoming waste.

In August 2020 the first of the vegan range was launched with Beauty Brain being an immediate success. Beauty Brain Super Powder is designed to support brain function, appearance and immunity. There are now 3 vegan products in the range with more in development.

Jeuneora Recycling

We use New Zealand GMP/MPI certified manufacturers, we don’t test on animals and our New Zealand and Australian customers can recycle their packaging through our team-up with Terracycle. The people who turn plastic packaging into playgrounds. We use home compostable courier bags and boxes for packing. 

After many months of research and planning, we've started the process of switching our current plastic pottles to I'm Green™ Pottles. These new pottles are made from 100% Sugarcane Plastic which is completely recyclable and absorbs C02 from the air - pretty clever, huh?You’ll start to see the I’m Green™ logo on our products over the coming months. We aim to have all our products in I’m Green™ Pottles by the end of 2020. Check out our blog here.

Doing the right thing well guides everything we do.