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Jeuneora (formally ORA Pure) produces premium nutraceutical products using clinically trialled ingredients with a focus on Hair Skin and Nails, specialising in the use of sustainably sourced marine collagen along with other active ingredients that are functional. All our products are manufactured in New Zealand in GMP certified factories and are rigorously tested before release. 

We are committed to being at the forefront of functional food manufacturing in New Zealand and are always on the lookout for latest scientifically backed ingredients so we can continue to expand our range.


Jeuneora was founded in 2016 by long time friends Monique Kaminski and Meg Falconer-Robinson. With Meg’s background in science and research and Monique’s background in design and business, they formed a complimentary team upon which to launch a sustainable brand they are both proud of. 

Monique and Meg are involved from the ground up - overseeing everything from sourcing of ingredients, to manufacturing to their social media and marketing. 

In June 2018 Millie Elder-Holmes joined the team as an official shareholder - Millie has been supporting Jeuneora from the beginning, after trialling Renew (then called Rejuvacol), she has been an advocate ever since and been an integral part of Jeuneora’s growth. Monique and Meg are excited to have her on board.  

What started as leap of faith has now become a reality with a strong vision to provide clean and functional premium nutraceuticals. The focus has been until now primarily on Hair Skin and Nails, but watch this space for some exciting new products to be launched in the second half of 2018 within the health and wellness sector.