Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Can I take your supplements if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

A. The Jeuneora Hemp Range is generally considered safe (and beneficial) during pregnancy and breastfeeding, however if you have any concerns, we recommend checking with a naturopath or GP

Although there is qualitative evidence to suggest that collagen supplements can be useful during these times, we cannot guarantee the safety of our collagen supplements for pregnant women. If you wish to use these during pregnancy please check first with your GP, naturopath, or pharmacist. 

If you wish to try marine collagen whilst breastfeeding, we suggest speaking to a GP, naturopath, or pharmacist and providing they have no concerns, this should be fine. We would, however, recommend using Renew+ at half the dose. Once again, we suggest consulting with a medical professional or naturopath before commencing any natural supplement or nutraceutical regime such as the Jeuneora range. 

Q. Can I use your marine collagen products if I have a seafood/shellfish allergy?

A. Our marine collagen products are made from fish skin, and do not contain any shellfish at all, however the raw hydrolysed collagen peptide is manufactured in our French factory, and they also produce shellfish products. Therefore, we do not advise those with a severe allergy to shell fish, its byproducts, or any fish, to use a marine collagen product without speaking to a GP or pharmacist first.

Q. Is Jeuneora Plastic recyclable? 

A. All Jeuneora plastic containers are marked as recyclable (via kerbside recycling), however due to regional differences, and overseas countries now refusing to take plastics from New Zealand and Australia, we have chosen to partner with Terracycle who offer you free recycling and guarantee zero-land fill. 

Learn more about our initiative here

Q. Does the Hemp Range contain anything that will make me high?

A. Not at all! Our Hemp Range is THC and CBD free. Although the plant used comes from the same family as marijuana, it does not contain the same properties. It is a very safe and extremely healthy super food. It is approved for consumption by the NZ government.

Q. Can I add Renew+ , AquaGlow or Naked Collagen to smoothies protein shakes or hot drinks?

A. Mixing the products into other liquids will not adversely affect the benefits. The Renew+ and AquaGlow should not be added to hot drinks as this can damage the vitamin C, however because Naked Collagen (which is heat stable) does not contain vitamin c it is perfect for adding to coffee, tea, hot chocolate. 

Q. My AquaGlow/Naked Collagen doesn't have a scoop, how much do I use?

A. The new batches of Naked Collagen and AquaGlow no longer have scoops inside. A shallow teaspoon is the same dose as one scoop. Take one teaspoon daily. 

Q. What are the differences between the products?

A. Essentially all the marine collagen based products in our range target and support Skin, Hair and Nails, but in different strengths and with slightly different ingredients.

Products in order of marine collagen concentration per serve:

Renew+ (6000mg Marine collagen peptide)+ zeolite, vitamin C, natural flavour, citric acid, bromelain, stevia

Naked Collagen (3000mg Marine collagen peptide)

AquaGlow (2500mg Marine collagen peptide) + vitamin C, flavour, stevia

Hair, Skin, Nails Capsules (375mg marine collagen) + Functional Keratin, vitamin C

See bottom of FAQ page for more details.


Q. When is the best time to take Jeuneora supplements?

A. You can take our supplements at any time of the day, with or without food.

The most important factor is to take them consistently for the first few weeks. 


Q. Can men use your products?

A. Absolutely! We have lots of male customers who are regular users of the Jeuneora range!

Q. Are your products vegan?

A. Our NZ Hemp range is 100% vegan.

No collagen product is vegan, as there is no such thing as vegan collagen. All collagen comes from animal by-product; Jeuneora uses only fish skin type 1 collagen peptide with elastin in our Renew+ and Capsules, and marine collagen peptide in our AquaGlow and Naked Collagen. As well as being better absorbed by the majority of people, it is also suitable for pescatarians. We use type II (bovine) collagen in our Protein Powder + Collagen Complex range. Type II is well known for it's use in supporting muscle and joint recovery and mobility. 

You can read more about this here:

Q. Do your products contain gluten or dairy?

A. No, our Renew+, AquaGlow and Hair, Skin, Nails Capsules do not contain gluten, dairy, nor any binders or fillers. Our Protein Powders do not contain any gluten. 

Q. How long do I need to take Renew+ , AquaGlow, or the Hair, Skin, Nails Capsules before I start to notice the benefits?

A. Results and time will vary from person to person, however many of our customers report increased energy within several days. Hair and nails should start to become noticeably healthier and stronger within 3-12 weeks of taking our products on a daily basis. Skin should start to show improvement around the same time.

Q. Do your products help with acne

A. Clinical research on marine collagen (oral) supplementation has largely focused on the improvement of skin smoothness, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and hydration. There have been statistically significant clinical studies conducted regarding these areas. Causes of acne can vary from person to person and whilst there has been some excellent feedback regarding acne improvement, we caution that there is still more research to be conducted in this area. Collagen supplementation has been found to be helpful for gut health, which can often be the underlying cause of skin issues in some individuals.  


Q. Can I take the Jeuneora Hemp Products alongside the Collagen , and Protein Powders?

A. Yes you can definitely do this!

Q. Do you offer refunds?

A. We offer refunds for damaged or faulty goods only. Please see our Refunds and Returns Policy HERE

Q. What is the difference between Jeuneora Renew+ and the New Naked Collagen?

A. Naked collagen is a tasteless, flavourless, unsweetened 100% Marine Collagen peptide which can be put into any kind of liquid, hot or cold. It can also be added to soups and baking. Naked does not contain any of the other ingredients that are in Renew+, so perfect for those who only want a marine collagen supplement and do not need/want the detox or vitamin C. Each serving contains 3000mg (3g) of hydrolysed collagen peptide. Approx 30 serves

Q. What is the difference between Jeuneora  Renew+ and the Hair, Skin and Nail Capsules?

A. Jeuneora Renew+ is our premium product and contains 6000mg of marine collagen peptide plus elastin, as well as Volcanic Detox (zeolite). Additionally it contains 1000mg of vitamin C, bromelain (pineapple extract), stevia, and has a pleasant Pineapple or Mixed Berry flavour. We recommend 1 scoop a day. Approx 30 serves 

Jeuneora HAIR SKIN NAILS capsules contain a lower dose of marine collagen (375mg per capsule) but also contain 75mg NZ Functional Keratin which is specifically for targeting nail and hair strength. We recommend 2-4 capsules a day, with or without food. 60 Capsule

Q. What is the difference between Jeuneora Renew+ and AquaGlow?

A. AquaGlow does not contain zeolite, and is a perfect booster between Renew+ or if you have been taking collagen for a while. When mixed well with water is dissolves into a clear liquid. It can also be used alongside the Hair, Skin and Nails capsules.

AquaGlow is a 3g serve (shallow to level teaspoon) containing 2500mg marine collagen, and 450mg vitamin C. approx 30 serves

For more detailed information on all of our products, how they differ, and what the benefits are, check out this link from our blog post about this HERE

Q. Can I take the Renew+ , AquaGlow or Naked with the Hair, Skin Nails Capsules together? 

A. You can take the capsules with any of our powdered supplements (Renew+ Naked Collagen, or  AquaGlow). We recommend taking one powder per day; if you have multiple powders, take them on alternate days. 

Q. Is your marine collagen type 1, 2 or 3?

A. We use only type 1 collagen in our Renew+, Naked Collagen, AquaGlow and Hair, Skin, Nails Capsules for optimal delivery and absorption.

Our Protein + Collagen Complex powders contain NZ bovine (type II) collagen for joint and muscle recovery

Q. Can I use the Protein Powder and the Hair, Skin and Nail products on the same day?

A. Yes you can :)

Q. Where is my order?

A. Once we receive your order (providing it is in stock) it will be processed by our distribution team. This process can take up to 24 hours and operates Mon-Fri (Public holidays excluded). 

Once your order has been processed and is ready to be sent, you will receive a tracking number via the email address you supplied at the time of making the order. Please see Shipping Info page for estimated shipping times to your area.

Q. Are your supplements safe for children?

A. There are no known harmful effects for children wanting to take marine collagen or Volcanic Detox, however please check with your G.P or paediatrician as to whether these products are suitable for each individual before purchasing. Some adolescents experience excellent results with our marine collagen with regards to skin problems, mental clarity and sleep improvement.